I m‘ ó bun.

Wellness in the Dolomites

The name we chose for our small but fine wellness area is rather unique: I m‘ ó bun – “I care for myself”. Step into this cosy haven and pamper yourself in the sauna and relaxation room.

Jägerhof Hotel - Finnische Sauna

The sauna experience

Whether enveloped in the heat of the Finnish sauna or in the wholesome mist of the steam bath, it’s easy to bring the body, mind and soul back into harmony. After your sauna session, take a refreshing dip in the plunge pool, boost your circulation with the foot whirlpool and let the Acquamoon sensory shower soothe all your senses. Drop in at the sauna bar for a healthy tea and fresh fruit before heading to the relaxation room, where you can put your feet up and recharge. Take care of yourself – our wellness area is designed just for that.
Jägerhof Hotel – Draußen mit der Kraft der Natur

Outdoor wellness

Nature gives us everything we need to recharge and rejuvenate. Dip your feet in the fresh water of the mountain stream. Breathe in the pure mountain air as you immerse yourself in the tranquillity of the wood. Take a walk through vast, sun-kissed pastures… and let the Dolomites work their magic. There’s no better place than this to find a sense of happiness.